Thursday, March 07, 2013

Doepfer A-118 Extra Random Output Modification

A-118 front panel,
secured and ready
for drilling
In preparation for the next #ModularBattle round, i figured out i had to do something to get a little bit more out of my pretty basic set of Doepfer Modules.

I decided to add an extra Random Output to my A-118 Noise/Random Voltage module, which was quite an easy job.

After i removed the knobs and the sockets i could remove the frontpanel of the module.
I mounted it on a flat piece of (old)wood, and secured it with two nails to avoid the frontpanel slipping away.
With a nail and a hammer i punched a small guide-hole for my drill, and drilled an extra hole for the new mini-jack connector.

To protect the front-plate, you can use an adhesive foil or (painter's) masking tape to cover the front, but if you drill very carefully, and don't wipe but blow the aluminium-scrapes off the module you'll be fine.

A-118 extra random output wiring
The new mini-jack connector was one that i ordered from Doepfer earlier (i have a big collection of mini-jack connectors, knobs and switches - they sell them seperately as spare parts) and the connection with the other random output was made with 2 pieces of wire and my soldering-iron.
The connection was as easy as it looks, and it looks like my soldering-skills are (slightly) improving...

Finished module with
extra random output
Don'be afraid for any CV-loss now that the signal has to be distributed over the two Random busses.
Doepfer confirmed to me that "this just works as a mini multiple and doesn't lower the CV"

Now that the modification is done, the module sends 2 similar (controllable) random voltages to both outputs that i can use for all kinds of purposes throughout my modular synthesizer.

For a modification that was done in less than an hour, it is a nice improvement...

The mods described on this site will most likely void any warranty and, if not done carefully, can damage the circuit board, IC chips, and faceplates.

"The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war." John Lyly's 'Euphues' (1578) #ModularBattle

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